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How QuikPrice Works

Simply begin by texting START to (952) 800-QUIK (7845) and follow the prompts leading you to your QuikPrice.

  • Text the Make of the Vehicle

    If you know you want a certain make of car and you're not sure which model, simply text, for example, 'SUBARU', 'KIA', or 'TOYOTA' to get started.

  • Text the Make & Model of the Vehicle

    If you already know the car you're interested, but just not sure which particular trim level and option package, text the Make & Model, for example, 'Subaru Forester, or 'Subaru Impreza'.

  • Text the Make, Model, & Trim of the Vehicle

    If you've already narrowed down your search to the car you want, but you're just not sure of which option package, text the Make, Model, & Trim level of the vehicle. For example, 'Subaru Forester Premium' or 'Subaru Impreza Sport Limited'.

  • Text the Vehicle's Unique QuikCode

    If you're interested in a specific model, or if you've seen a vehicle's specific QuikCode either at the dealership, online, or on an advertisement, text the QuikCode to go straight to the price. For example, '11AA' or '13EB'.